Qualified Personnel

Works Supervisor
Site assistants
Qualified and specialized workers.


Vehicles and equipment

Site cars (Citroen C3, Fiat Punto, etc.)
Trucks from 55 to 120 q
Trucks with cranes (Iveco Eurocargo)
Trucks from 330 to 400 q (Iveco Trakker)
3-axle trailers of 300 q
Concrete plants of 0.5 m3 (Oru)
Concrete plant of 1 m3
Generators from 30 to 100 Kw (Cat, Atlas, etc...)





Compressors from 3000 to 4000 l
Low rotation cranes from 20 to 35 m (Benedini, etc.)
Tower cranes from 40 to 65 m (Comedil, etc…)
Crawler loaders from 50 to 110 hp (Jcb, Cat, etc…)
Wheel loaders (Cat 966)
Telescopic rotation booms of 21 m, 50 q-capacity
Forklifts (Manitou)
Excavators with telescopic arm (Jcb)
Mini Excavators 30 q + hammer (Jcb)
Mini Excavators 35 to 80 q + hammer
Box offices
Wall armor panels
Sheet bending machines
Pumps for substrates
Scaffoldings "Ceta"
Mobile yard fencings.