Besides the diversification in all building sectors including the phases related to the construction process, SIGEA HOLDING offers a complete service for integrated maintenance and rental of real estate.

Wherever it operates, SIGEA HOLDING guarantees a quality service resulting from years of experience and enhanced by a technical and operating structure that meets the highest quality standards.






The necessary condition for a good overall management of the order lies in the analysis of the project that brings to an essential phase: work planning and material purchase and preparation.

The operational phase forecasts the use of advanced technology equipment and knowledge and competence from skilled foremen. These elements assure high fidelity and relevance to the project and the maximum precision in work execution.

The testing phase completes the construction cycle which forecasts the "turnkey" delivery of works, guaranteeing quality and duration to the customer to optimise the whole investment.




The wide range of services offered by SIGEA HOLDING is complete with ancillary services. Being its staff highly qualified, the company follows the construction of buildings in every detail with attention to the aesthetics, while ensuring quality and safety.

Interior designers enhance rooms by proper furniture depending on the type of structure and expert ecological designers are able to optimize outdoor spaces.




SIGEA HOLDING has developed an efficient integrated maintenance service by expanding its competencies in the building field and benefiting of a highly qualified staff and synergy with suppliers.

This versatile service, which requires a single contact, is able to face any need as for the maintenance, a suitable tool for buildings administration that in this way can find the best solutions for any problem, at lower costs.